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Terra Creta offers a high level of information and transparency.

Since 2006 we have launched an innovative traceability system, with which you can track the route of each of our products, from the olive grove to the store.

At some stages of the traceability system, codes are used instead of the names of our suppliers and customers, for the protection of their personal data. These data are stored in our company for every legal use.

Production date
Best Before

Although for each batch we use olive oil from many olive groves, only the five most important of them are visible here for reasons of simplicity.

Production Olive Mills 
Test Result EU Maximum Limit
Acidity 0.8%
DK 0.01
K270 0.22
K232 2.50
Number of peroxides 20 meqO2/kg
Waxes 250mg/kg
Sensory evaluation
Defects N.D
With regard to pesticides, plasticizers and heavy metals, we extensively analyze all our batches of olive oil and we are confident that all of these elements are well below acceptable international limits.

All packaging materials (bottles, tins, lids, etc.) are inspected by our quality control team upon receipt.

All details are recorded in our system, but for the sake of brevity they are not provided here, however, they are available on request.

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Enter the 6-digit LOT number from the label or package: